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Find out about the stock exchange brokerage ranking in the fourth week of February

Beltone Securities Brokerage Company topped the list of financial brokerage companies in terms of trading value in the market inside and outside the booth, and the Nile Stock Exchange during the fourth week of February sessions, with a trading value of 2.2 billion pounds, with a market share of 17.1%, and Hermes Brokerage Company came In securities, in second place with a total trading value of 1.4 billion pounds, representing a market share of 10.8%.


The Financial Group Securities Brokerage Company came in the third place, with a trading value of 1.12 billion pounds, securing a market share of 8.7%, and in the fourth place, Mubasher International Securities Brokerage Company with a trading value of 1.04 billion pounds with a market share of 8.1%. Fifth place is the Pioneers Securities Brokerage, with a trading value of 919.1 million pounds, with a market share of 7.1%.


The Commercial International Company for Securities Brokerage came in sixth place with a trading value of 836.3 million pounds with a market share of 6.5%, Arqaam Company for Securities Trading in seventh place with a trading value of 619.3 million pounds, or 4.8%, and the eighth place was an Arab Online Brokerage Company in Securities worth 556 million pounds, or 4.3%.


The Pharos Securities Brokerage Company, Sigma Securities Trading, ranked ninth and tenth, with a trading value of 453.5 million pounds, and 440.4 million pounds, at a rate of 3.5% and 3.4%, respectively, according to the stock exchange's weekly report on the arrangement of brokerage firms.


The Egyptian Stock Exchange is a leading market in the region, with a number of individual investors, financial institutions and investment funds registered, and the registry helps provide many advantages, including the financing necessary to help industrial, commercial and service entities achieve sustainable growth and diversify the financing sources available to them.


The offering on the stock exchange contributes to expanding the ownership base for companies, improving the performance of companies, enhancing the principles of transparency and governance systems in them and diversifying their resources. The offering aims to develop, develop and revive the flow of capital and trading on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and raise the market capital to be more attractive to investors.

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