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Netherlands: 64 deaths and more than 5 thousand cases of "Coronavirus" within 24 hours

The Institute of Public Health in the Netherlands announced that 64 deaths and 5,151 cases of the new Corona virus were recorded nationwide during the past 24 hours, with a marked increase in the number of deaths and a slight increase in the number of infections compared to the numbers recorded yesterday.

According to the newspaper "The Netherlands Times" quoted from the institute's data, the total number of deaths related to the "Corona" virus recorded in the Netherlands since the beginning of the outbreak reached 15,503 cases, while the total number of infections recorded during the same period reached one million 79 thousand and 84 cases.

The average number of injuries recorded daily during the last 7 days increased for the twelfth day in a row, reaching 4 thousand and 572 injuries on average, which is the second consecutive day in which the Dutch authorities recorded an increase in the number of injuries exceeding 5,000 cases.

In addition, the Institute of Public Health said that 66,890 people received the Corona virus vaccine during the last day, bringing the number of vaccine doses that were provided during the last week to 410,000 doses, an increase of 76 percent from the doses provided over the previous week. .

In total, since last January 6 until now, the health authorities have provided one million and 236 thousand and 192 doses of the vaccine, which means that 5.5 percent of the population in the Netherlands have received at least one dose of the two doses required for immunization against "Covid-19" .

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