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Walid Salah El-Din Lahusam Al-Badri: In the Egyptian national team, you must pass over all the differences

Walid Salah El-Din, the former Al-Ahly star, Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the national team, called for the selection of super players in each position before announcing the list of the national team in preparation for the confrontations with Kenya and Comoros in the fifth and sixth rounds of the African qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon 2022.

Walid Salah El-Din believes, in televised statements to the Tala fans program on On Time Sports 2, that Ahmed Aboul Fotouh, left back Zamalek, is the most important player on the left front in the recent period, outperforming all other players despite their distinction.

The former player, dubbed the Prince of Talented, said: "Hossam Al-Badri is a coach for the Egyptian national team, and the Egyptian team belongs to all of us. Therefore, Al-Badri must pass over all personal disputes and choose the most efficient personnel, regardless of his personal differences with them."

The former Al-Ahly player refused to choose a right-back player to fill the gap in the left front, explaining that Egypt has more than one distinguished player in every position, so there is no urgent need to choose a player, change his position and employ him in the national team.

Regarding the optimal formation of the team, Walid Salah al-Din sees him as follows: “Muhammad al-Shennawi is in the goalkeeper, the defense quartet Ahmed Aboul Fotouh, Ayman Ashraf, Hijazi and Muhammad Hani, and in the middle the Al-Soulia pivot and Tariq Hamed, and in front of them is Afsha.

In a related context, the technical staff of Egypt's first football team, led by Hossam El-Badry, decided to launch the Pharaohs camp on March 20 instead of 22, and the local players join, with the professionals joining, respectively, on March 21 and 22, in the framework of preparation for the matches between Kenya and Comoros scheduled for 25 and 29 March in the fifth and sixth round of qualifiers for the African nations 2022 in Cameroon.

Mohamed Barakat, director of the first national football team, confirmed that the technical staff led by Hossam Al-Badri had not decided the final national team list in preparation for the match against Kenya and Comoros in the camp next March in the fifth and sixth rounds of the qualifiers for the African Nations Cup finals in Cameroon.

The head of the national team said that the technical staff is still in the stage of following up all the candidates during the upcoming matches to settle on the best group for this stage and the official announcement of the list as usual before the start of the international agenda on March 22.

He added that the coaching staff had set a tentative list of 50 players; To limit them and follow them very much during the coming period, explaining that the procedures required for visas are being finalized for all the elements that revolve around the options department of the technical staff, especially as it takes into account all emergency conditions before resolving its final list, which is expected to be 26 players.

He pointed out that Hossam Al-Badri opened the door to everyone, whether in local competitions or in foreign leagues, by confirming that the opportunity is still available for all players to be in the next camp.

He stressed that there is communication with the professionals to coordinate arrangements for their joining the next camp, noting that the professional call-up list will be two weeks before the international agenda, according to FIFA rules.

The national team director concluded that the national team’s career is still long and difficult, and the main goal at the current stage is to qualify for the African Nations Championship before the start of the World Cup qualifying round.