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4 changes that occur to the skin if you become infected with the Coronavirus, including swelling of the fingers

Since the outbreak of the new Corona virus, the list of Corona virus symptoms has increased and expanded with new mutations and long-term effects of the virus, and it has become extremely important to discover early and unusual signs of corona, however, research has claimed that there is another way to locate the Corona virus, according to a recent study in the Kingdom United, 4 types of skin changes can occur if you have corona.

According to the "Times of India" website and according to reports of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, coughing, high temperature, loss of smell and taste are among the most common signs of corona, however, a recent study found that 17% of Corona patients suffered from a rash as their first symptom, However, the research identified 4 types of skin problems associated with Corona.

4 changes that occur to the skin when infected with Corona

Urticaria or urticaria


Urticaria or urticaria is a rash that causes itching and is usually red or pink, and in most cases, urticaria occurs due to allergic reactions, but according to a study that included 4 hospitals in China and Italy, 26% of Corona patients complained of the development of urticaria.

Fingers swollen and inflamed


Also, several hospitals have recorded cases of swollen fingers and painful inflammation of small blood vessels in the skin, and swollen fingers have been reported commonly in adolescents and young adults who do not suffer from symptoms of Corona or show only mild symptoms, and research indicates that 60% of Corona patients suffer From this skin problem.

 Macular rash of the skin

In a study conducted in Spain, out of 375 patients, 47% of patients with skin changes associated with Corona had a papular rash, which is a form of rash characterized by its flat, raised areas of discolored skin.


Skin ulcers

An area of ​​skin covered with a raised, fluid-filled blister is called a skin ulcer, and it is one of the least common skin diseases found in Corona patients. 9% of Covid 19 patients participating in a Spanish study reported symptoms of such skin problems.

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