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Does Abdullah Jumaa's injury lead to Abdel Shafi return to Zamalek's starting lineup?

Mohamed Abdel Shafi's chances increased, to lead the Al-Yusri Front for Zamalek, in the MCA match in the African Champions League, in light of Abdullah Jumaa's injury, and Shifu's brilliance in recent training with his team.

Zamalek is preparing for the match of Mouloudia Algeria, next Saturday, within the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, which is the meeting that will decide whether or not the team qualifies for the next round, as there is no alternative to winning to continue the competition for the second qualifying ticket next to Tunisia's Esperance, who has qualified Zamalek to win against Mouloudia and Senegalese Tongith in the last two rounds, with the Algerian champion losing the last round match against Esperance.

Abdel Shafi received great praise from the French Patrice Carteron, the coach of Zamalek, in light of the great physical effort of the player during the training in the past days, and his physical fitness greatly increased, in addition to his having experiences at the African level in important and fateful confrontations.

Abdullah Jumaa, the left back of Zamalek, complained about the injury immediately after returning to his team's training, after playing the Kenya and Comoros matches with the first team in the African Nations Cameroon 2022 qualifiers, and after undergoing a medical examination, it was found that he had a torn connective muscle, to perform a treatment and rehabilitation program.