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Palestine calls on striking doctors to return to work to avoid the spread of "Corona"

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has called on the striking doctors to return to their workplaces, to serve their people in light of the continuing outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The ministry said - in a statement carried by the Palestinian News Agency, today, Saturday - that the doctors 'absence from their duties endangers the patients' lives, noting that the fellow doctors who have faced the pandemic since its inception day and night, along with the rest of the cadres working in the health sector should remain in The field, to protect their people.

The statement added that the Palestinian government is aware of the sacrifices of doctors and the health sector, but in light of these difficult circumstances, there is no room except to think about how to get out of the Corona tunnel, stressing that the government stands by the rights of all employees, including the white army, who sacrificed for the sake of his homeland and responded to the epidemic.

The Palestinian Health Ministry called on the doctors to return to their work first in commitment to their national responsibility, which doctors have never neglected, and to abide by the laws, especially the Decree-Law No. 11 of 2017 regarding the regulation of the exercise of the right to strike in the public office, which prohibits the practice of striking for health sector employees.

The Palestinian Ministry stated that colleagues who will not return to their workplaces will expose themselves to legal accountability in accordance with the relevant legislation.

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