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President of the Businessmen Association: The Egyptian economy is still intact in the face of the Corona pandemic

Engineer Ali Issa, head of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, said that the Egyptian economy is still coherent in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic despite the repercussions of the pandemic, on top of which is the decline in liquidity. However, compared to other economies in the Middle East, we are still the best, adding: “To support the continued cohesion of the economy and the private sector, The government must be slow to change laws and impose new fees at the present time, "praising in this regard the decision of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to postpone the application of the real estate registration law for a period of two years.


"Easa" added to "The Seventh Day" that the government has made great progress in the file of automating government services, especially electronic payment and electronic submission of tax returns, adding: "Although I would have preferred to be slow in making these decisions at the present time, in light of pandemic challenges. Corona on the work environment in the public and private sectors, especially the public sector, which still needs training for employees to perform its role.


As for the export file, Ali Issa said that Egypt's exports of agricultural crops maintained a growth rate in their value during the first two months of 2021 despite a slight decline in the amount of exports of vegetables and fruits.


In another context, Ali Issa said that the meeting of the Egyptian side of the Egyptian-Jordanian Business Council, headed by it, held a meeting to prepare for participation in the meetings of the Egyptian-Jordanian Higher Committee, scheduled in Amman this month, and proposals to increase trade exchange between the two countries were discussed, and ways to increase Jordanian investments in Egypt, also discussed how to maximize the benefit from the cooperation between the two countries in the reconstruction of Iraq through a proposal to establish a commercial zone for Egyptian products in Jordan to serve as an export gateway to the Iraqi market.