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Two days before Parliament was sworn in, who was Najla Al-Manqoush, the first foreign minister in Libya?

Two days before the new Libyan government was sworn in before the parliament, the international media took over Najla Al-Manqoush, who became the first foreign minister (woman) in Libya, and Najla Al-Manqoush became the foreign minister in her country, within the new transitional government headed by Abdel Hamid Al-Dabaiba, which was granted by Parliament Confidence.

Najla Muhammad Al-Manqoush entered the history of Libya from its wide door when, last Wednesday, she gained the confidence of the House of Representatives, within the national unity government headed by Abdel-Hamid al-Dabaiba, as the first foreign minister in her country and the fourth at the Arab level.


Al-Manqoush, who was nominated by members of Parliament for the Eastern Province, is the daughter of Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Manqoush, a well-known cardiologist and hematologist in Benghazi. She is also a university and researcher in the field of conflict and peace management, legal and has experience in peace building for nearly 15 years She holds an MA in Criminal Law from Garyounis University in Benghazi, then an MA in Conflict and Peace Management from Eastern Mini Knight University, USA, and a PhD in Conflict and Peace Management from George Mason University in Virginia, USA.



She previously worked with several Arab and foreign countries, in addition to Libya. Many negotiation and legal projects were trained and evaluated.


She is also residing in the United States with her three daughters from 2012, and she has never worked in the government service in her country.


And Al-Manqoush was named in the city of Sirte, after the deputies rejected the first proposal to assign the portfolio of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to Mia Bosadra, affiliated with the terrorist movement, Abdel Hakim Belhaj.