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5 + 5 Group Statement: Integration of Security Personnel in Libya and Selection of a Joint Command based in Sirte

The final statement of the 5 + 5 committee welcomed the Security Council’s call to respect the ceasefire and withdraw foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya, calling on states to commit to the immediate removal of their mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya.

The statement stressed the need to intensify efforts to implement the provisions of the ceasefire agreement in Libya, revealing that there are proposals to overcome the difficulties that hinder the opening of the coastal road, threatening to announce the two obstacles to the opening of the coastal road if it is not opened soon.

The statement revealed that the leadership of the joint military force was chosen and assigned to start implementing its tasks, and that Sirte was chosen as the headquarters of the joint force, indicating that the joint force command was assigned to merge the members of the forces from both sides together and redistribute them.