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A chicken embraces 3 kittens after losing their mother

In a scene that shows the deep-rooted instinct of mothers in different organisms, a video published by a person from the Kurdistan region spotted a chicken embracing 3 kittens after the cats lost their mother.

Farmer Goran Sureshi encountered something he hadn't expected at all in his chicken coop, which he recorded on video.After the death of the cat's mother, three orphaned cats needed shelter, warmth and care, and this cute hen literally embraced them under her feathers and wings, according to the Bored Panda website. .

 Goran said, "Some time ago, I heard the sounds of" meow "coming from the place of my chickens, and I was curious to know what was happening, and I suspected that the chicken might be in danger, and when I realized that the meow was coming from under the hen, I decided to record the moment via a camera. , So as not to miss this unique moment, and there were three beautiful cats. "

In a similar incident, a cute dog was able - earlier - to protect a group of small rabbits, after they lost their mother, and was able to protect them from animals and birds of prey that tried to prey on them, had the dog not intervened to protect them.

And a video clip monitored the cute dog, "Otis", licking newborn rabbits, to give them a feeling of safety, according to what his owner, Gina Leigel, said, according to Russian Sputnik.

During his daily walk, six-year-old Otis discovered the little rabbits that emerged from their nests and were vulnerable to predators, so he decided to take care of them.

The video shows the dog, Otis, collecting young rabbits in his mouth and licking them gently in an attempt to calm them. Otis rescued the young rabbits from predators such as falcons that spread in the area to hunt their prey.

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