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A mysterious crime in a mental hospital ... A German nurse kills 4 inmates

German police have arrested a woman who works as a nurse in a mental hospital, after being suspected of killing 4 patients and wounding another, without revealing the motive so far.

The daily "Bild" newspaper reported that the victims, two women and two men, stabbed a knife late on Wednesday at a facility in the city of Potsdam.

The local newspaper, Potsdamer Neuste Nachrichtin, reported that the dead were patients in the care clinic.

The police said that the dead were subjected to "severe violence", but did not provide any details about the circumstances of the killing, and that the 51-year-old employee was arrested on "strong suspicion" of the assault, while acknowledging that any motive is still not specified.

According to reports, victims were discovered in their rooms, and specialized teams were dispatched overnight to collect evidence from the crime scene.

The hospital is run by the Lutheran Church Social Welfare Service, specializing in helping people with physical and mental disabilities, including blind, deaf, and severe autism.

Locals began to leave bouquets of flowers, cards and lit candles in honor of the dead in the hospital, as the police maintained a large presence outside.

Matthias Fichtmüller, director of theology at the hospital, said a ceremony was scheduled to commemorate the victims on Thursday evening.

It is reported that there was a famous trial in 2019, nurse Niels Hoegel was sentenced to life in prison for killing 85 patients in his care, and Hoegel, who is believed to be the most serial serial killer in Germany, killed patients by lethal injection between 2000 and 2005, before he was arrested. In the end, caught red-handed.

In October, a Polish healthcare worker was sentenced to life in prison in Munich for killing at least three people with insulin.