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Al-Tameer Company: The completion of 70% of the facilities of 5 villages within the initiative of a decent life in the West

 Mr. Al-Ashry: We are racing against time to finish projects, and the president's initiative is a real light point for all the villages of the Republic


The Construction and Housing Company for Utilities, one of the companies of the Ministry of Housing, has completed the implementation of approximately 70% of the networks and facilities of about 5 villages that were assigned by the National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation, as part of the Decent Life initiative.


For his part, Major General Syed Al-Ashry, Head of the Construction and Housing Company for Utilities, said that the company was able to precede the specified schedule that was assigned to it, pointing out that about 90% of the facilities networks of Kafr Shamara village affiliated to the Zifta Center in the Gharbia Governorate have been completed. Of about 80% of the utility networks of Kafr Sinbo village, which belong to the same center, while about 75% of the utility networks of Kafr Ismail village, with the same center, have been completed.


The head of the Construction and Housing Company for Utilities added that the company has also completed about 40% of the networks and facilities, Kafr Hanoun, and 40% of Kafr Ghazi, pointing out that the Housing and Development Company is one of the first companies that were able to precede the schedule and set 15 months, and it is scheduled All projects in these villages must be completed 3 months before the specified date.


He pointed out that the cost of implementing network works inside these villages amounts to about 165 million pounds, explaining that the Decent Life initiative represents a true point of light for all the villages of the Republic, and it is tantamount to moving the residents of those villages from darkness to light.


With regard to the 7 villages in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, the networks and cranes were designed in the approval stage. The assignment order is being issued with the National Authority, the site has been prepared, and the supply of pipes has been contracted.


Major General Sayed Al-Ashry, head of the Construction and Housing Company for Utilities, had confirmed that the company is undertaking the implementation of sewage, water and infrastructure works for about 12 villages in the Decent Life initiative announced by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, at an estimated cost of 750 million pounds within the projects of the Decent Life Initiative to develop The villages of Egypt, believing in the importance of participating in the presidential initiative that aims to significantly change the face of the Egyptian countryside, in addition to improving the standard of living of about 58 million Egyptians living in the Egyptian countryside, with an amount of spending exceeding 500 billion pounds.


He added that the company was commissioned by the National Authority on several projects in 12 villages as part of the Decent Life initiative at an estimated cost of EGP 750 million, which is: 5 villages in Zefta city in Gharbia governorate, which will be implemented by hoists and evacuation lines projects, 7 villages in Mutobas center in Kafr El Sheikh governorate, and 14 lifting stations and an evacuation line will be implemented in them, in addition to a complete treatment plant in the same governorate, these new projects come in addition to the company's projects package at the present time In the fields of water and sanitation, operation and maintenance, at an estimated cost of 1.4 billion pounds.


Al-Ashry stressed the importance of the projects that the Construction, Housing and Utilities Company obtained in implementing the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to develop the villages of the Egyptian countryside, provide a decent life for its residents and move them from light to dark, and entrust the implementation of these projects to the serious national company, hoping that the initiative will be a milestone in The history of the Egyptian village, thanking President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, for launching, supporting and following up this project, and providing the opportunity for a serious national company to increase its project portfolio and employ more workers.