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Britain urges vaccination against Corona to increase immunity levels before winter

The Independent has revealed that the British government will buy another 60 million doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, as part of the British government's plans to introduce a promotional program to combat Corona by the end of the year.

The officials said that the United Kingdom is approaching the "lower level" of Coronavirus infection, explaining that despite the "relative calm" of the current situation, people should be vaccinated in an attempt to increase their immunity levels before the winter months, as it is expected that cases will rise and the infection will pass again. .

The newspaper added that the enhanced program is being implemented to provide protection against new and emerging variants of the Coronavirus, some of which can weaken the effectiveness of the current generation of vaccines.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said: “Our vaccination program restores our freedom, but the greatest danger to this progress is the danger posed by the new alternative.” The announcement came at a time when Professor Jonathan Van Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer in England, said that the United Kingdom It is approaching the "lower level" of its epidemic.

"We are really at very low levels that can be compared to what we were in September last year," said Professor Van Tam. "We are running as a typical average for seven days when just over 2,000 people show positive test results every day."

He added that progress in launching the vaccine in Britain should limit the damage of the third wave of infections predicted by government modelers.

I hope that if the vaccine program continues at its pace, and continues to succeed as it was, then the third wave, so to speak, may be just a third and much less significant boom, due to the disengagement between hospital cases and deaths.

He said it is hoped that the future rise in cases and hospitalizations will be mitigated as a result of the strengthening program in the United Kingdom, which will be supplemented by the addition of 60 million doses of Pfizer, which will be used in conjunction with other approved Corona vaccines.

"We are working on our plans to get booster doses, which is the best way to keep us safe and free while controlling this disease around the world," Hancock added.

The government said more details about the reinforcement program would be released in due course.

The newspaper indicated that research is also continuing to determine whether the Corona vaccine can be given alongside the influenza vaccine, which is offered to millions of people every winter.

Overall, the UK has now obtained 517 million vaccine doses, provided by eight different manufacturers. The latest data indicate that a total of 4,754,0984 doses were implemented between December 8 and April 27, more than a quarter of adults in Britain received the two doses.

The vaccines manufactured by Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna are in use in the UK, while the UK drug regulator is currently evaluating the Johnson & Johnson, Novavax and Novavax vaccines for approval.