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Can you get a Corona vaccine during Ramadan?

With the continuation of the Corona vaccination program, some have asked whether it is possible to get the vaccine during the month of Ramadan, here is everything you need to know.

Can you get a covid vaccine during Ramadan?


According to the "metro" website report, many Muslims expressed concern about the possible side effects of receiving the vaccine, which include nausea, dizziness and vomiting, which could affect their fasting. However, two prominent Islamic figures in the British National Health Service, Imam Yunus, confirmed Dudhuwala and Dr. Farzana Hussein, that receiving a dose of Corona vaccine does not spoil the Muslims' fast.

Farzana explained: Getting an injection of the Corona vaccine does not break the fast because it is not a nutrient, and therefore there is no reason whatsoever not to take it if you are eligible and you are invited to get your Corona vaccine and those who have been scheduled for an appointment to obtain it, and you must also obtain The second dose.

She also added: "Several studies have proven that the vaccine is safe and effective with minimal side effects, and anyone who is concerned about asking for pain relievers should remember that while side effects are unlikely, breakfast for taking medication is permitted during Ramadan. If you are sick.

To support and promote access to the vaccine in Muslim societies, the British government has introduced many initiatives, and these services include engaging with the community and religious leaders, translating their materials into 20 languages ​​and reaching communities through pop-up clinics, including some places of worship, and some vaccination sites will also function. To extend its working hours during twilight hours in places with a high population of Muslims.