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Customs: The shipment pre-registration system is mandatory beginning of July

Marwan Abdel Hamid, the head of the Cairo Customs Syndicate, met with Shahat Ghatouri, head of the new customs authority, to congratulate him on assuming the new position, wishing him success in the next stage, and affirming that he is one of high-level competencies and has extensive specialized experience and possesses the components of a conscious, rational management with a job record that qualifies him to lead the Customs Authority in a manner. It contributes to completing the development system in the customs system at an accelerated pace consistent with the achievements of historical projects in record periods of time. The two sides also reviewed mechanisms for improving and developing the conditions of the Authority’s employees.


Marwan confirmed that the head of the department made it clear that his priorities in the next stage are the completion of the national project to modernize and automate the customs administration system, and connect all land, sea and air ports electronically to the "single window" platform.


Simplifying procedures, reducing customs clearance times, and reducing the cost of goods and services in the local markets, in a way that would help improve Egypt's ranking in three important international indicators: “global competitiveness, doing business, and the macroeconomic environment.”


He added that there are clear directives from Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, to facilitate the procedures, in a way that ensures a qualitative shift in the customs administration system, which will be reflected in the reduction of customs clearance times, so that ports are only gates for transit. In line with the efforts to stimulate the investment climate, maximize productive capacities, expand the export base, and facilitate the movement of internal and external trade.


For his part, the Head of the Customs Authority affirmed that the experimental implementation of the pre-registration system for incoming shipments at seaports will start from the first of this April, provided that the mandatory application will be the first of next July.


He explained that, with the integrated application of this new system, customs outlets will deposit what is known in the media as "Al-Kahoul", that unknown person who is the culprit in the cases of goods of unknown origin, and the violating and criminal shipments, and then the ports also get rid of the neglected and stagnant goods, where importers and extractors are obligated. According to the new system, the customs officials electronically exchange data and documents of shipments and obtain prior approval before shipment, with the system granting approval within 48 hours from the time of submitting the request, so that the Egyptian borders are protected from any dangerous materials, and the procedures for pre-release of shipments begin.