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Lebanese Minister of Information: The media are playing a pioneering role in facing Lebanon's crises

 The Lebanese Minister of Information, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad, affirmed that the media play a fundamental and essential role during the crises that Lebanon is going through, as they objectively reflect the reality, and that they have a pioneering and partner role in facing these crises.

Minister Manal Abdel Samad said - in a statement today after her meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun - that it is necessary to prevent any violations that may be exposed to media professionals or cause any harm to them, and that protection must be provided to the media, especially since recently media professionals have been exposed. For problems and abuse, whether verbal or physical, while performing their work tasks, and this is totally unacceptable.

She added, "On the other hand, we stress the need for the media to be objective and reflect the realistic image, because we live in a crisis, and care must be taken in choosing words and controlling the language not to be inflammatory, because any expression can lead to greater crises and exacerbate problems."