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Osama Nabih: Muhammad Awad asked to leave Zamalek ... and he did not train with the youth

Osama Nabih, general coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, confirmed that Mohamed Awad, the team's goalkeeper, had asked the White Castle management to leave at the end of the current season, for refusing to get a chance to participate with the White Knight.

Nabih added in his statements to "The Seventh Day", that Mohamed Awad submitted a request to the management of Zamalek Club in order to allow him to leave at the end of the current season, to start searching for offers that suit him.

The general coach of the Zamalek team indicated that Awad did not train with the youth team, but rather it was a match for those excluded from the first team from facing war production against the youth team, and Carteron agreed to participate in 6 players in order to increase his physical levels, namely Muhammad Awwad, Usama Faisal and Hussam Abd Al-Majid, Ahmed Eid, Youssef Osama Nabih and Hamdi Alaa.

The French coach Patrice Carteron, the coach, rejected the proposal of the Brazilian goalkeeper Oliveira, the coach of the team, regarding the inclusion of Mohamed Awad in the camp of the summit match against Al-Ahly, which ended with the victory of the Red Genie with two goals to one.

Oliveira asked Carteron to include Awad in the list of the summit match because he performs strong training and is technically and physically ready, and he must be prepared to gradually enter the atmosphere of the matches, but Carteron rejected Oliveira's proposal, stressing that he prefers to include only two guards in each camp to prevent crises and promised him to study the matter in future matches.

Zamalek sits at the top of the Egyptian League with 36 points, after playing 16 matches, winning 11 matches, drawing three matches, losing two matches, scoring 26 goals and conceding eight goals.


Al-Ahly's balance is frozen at 30 points in the league’s runners-up, leaving the red giant with 5 postponed matches, while the White Knight has two games remaining, and if Al-Ahly wins its deferrals, it will raise its score to the point 45, and if Zamalek wins its postponements, it will raise its tally to point 42 and the Red Genie will be in the lead, only three points ahead of the knight. The white team is still there in the second round of the two teams' match, which is scheduled for May 10.