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Pyramids give the substitutes the opportunity to participate in front of Namungo, to drop me to rest the main players

The technical staff of the first football team of the Pyramids Club is making several adjustments to the formation of its team against Namongo, Tanzania, which is scheduled for 9 pm next Wednesday, at the air defense stadium within the competitions of the last round of the role of the African Confederation groups.

Pyramids guaranteed qualification for the quarter-finals of the Confederation after reaching the 9th point in second place after Morocco's 15-point Raja, and in the event that Pyramids lose from Namungo and Zambian Nkana defeats Raja in the last round, the Zambian team will reach point 9, but the Pyramids will qualify by the difference of direct confrontations.

The technical staff of Pyramids wants to give a number of key players a rest from participating in front of Namungo, given that it is a "toll" match and to use it to rest a number of players who suffer from the pressure of matches in the recent period.

The technical staff of Pyramids also wants to equip all players before the upcoming confrontation of Zamalek, which is scheduled for Sunday at Cairo International Stadium, within the competitions of the nineteenth round of the age of the League competition.

Pyramids Al-Ittihad Alexandria won two clean goals yesterday in the match that brought them together at Alexandria Stadium in the postponed match of the eighteenth round of the League competition, and the registration was opened for the heavenly team Mohamed Hamdy in the 45th minute before Eric Traore added the second goal in the 60th minute.

With this result, Pyramids rose to third place in the Egyptian League table with 30 points, after playing 18 matches, winning 7 matches, drawing 9 matches, losing two matches, scoring 25 goals and receiving 17 goals and still has a game in hand.

While Al-Ittihad of Alexandria fell to fifth in the league table with 28 points, after playing 18 matches, winning 8 games, drawing 4 matches, losing 6 matches, scoring 22 goals, and receiving 22 goals and still has a game in hand.