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Russian diplomat: We will respond to America's plans to launch cyber attacks on Moscow

 The Director of the International Information Security Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Andrei Krutskykh, announced that his country will respond to possible US plans to launch cyber attacks on Russian infrastructure.

"The technological capabilities of Russia allow it to see everything perfectly, and it is naive to assume that Russia, the owner of the nuclear superpower, which America so fears, will not see anything," Krutskich said in statements to reporters today.

The Russian diplomat added: "Russia is very smart and confident in this field, and last year we proposed to the United States to establish a dialogue in the cyber field, including on confidence-building measures and the use of direct lines of communication to obtain mutual information about incidents and prevent them," explaining that the states The United States has not responded to this suggestion so far due to its preoccupation with its internal problems.

"I can assume with complete confidence that the issue of information security is of great priority, so that we can of course believe that it will be among the important issues between Russia and the United States at the highest level," Krutskich continued.