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The King of Jordan stresses the need to balance the health of citizens and moving the economy

Jordanian King Abdullah II stressed the need to study measures to balance between protecting the health and safety of citizens in the face of the Corona epidemic, and easing the severity of the embargo measures to move the wheel of the economy.

The King of Jordan affirms the necessity of balancing the citizens ’health and stimulating the economy. Jordan .. Representatives demand a halt to the Defense Law and the abolition of Friday’s ban

While presiding over a meeting of the National Policy Council, the Jordanian monarch stressed the importance of continuing to fully adhere to public safety instructions and procedures, to limit the spread of the virus and to enable the Kingdom to open sectors in the summer.


In the meeting, he also heard an explanation from Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh and those concerned about the latest developments in the epidemic situation and procedures for dealing with it.