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5 common weight loss mistakes we make after 5 PM

Losing weight is not an easy thing as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and there are many common misconceptions such as that eating carbohydrates in the evening harms weight loss, and it is important to avoid a set of common mistakes that some people make after 5 pm during their weight loss journey, according to It was mentioned by The Times of India.

Here are 5 common mistakes we make after 5 pm during our weight-loss journey:


1- Not eating enough food for dinner


While it is not recommended to overeat during the weight loss journey, it is also not ideal to eat light food if you are still hungry, nutritionists recommend getting enough protein, starch and fat in order to keep your stomach full for longer.


2- Not adding enough flavor to dinner


Often delicious foods and meals full of spices stimulate a feeling of satiety, and therefore it is necessary to ensure that the last meal of your day "dinner" contains adequate flavor such as pickle or add some seasoning to the food you eat.


3- Not planning a good time for eating sweets


Many of us succumb to cravings for sweets every now and then, and the idea is not to restrict yourself, but you must plan to eat them at the appropriate time, as nutrition experts say that if you want to eat some sweets after dinner, it is possible to eat some healthy sweets that do not harm the plan of reduction Weight, especially if you eat it after dinner.

4- Not setting a time to sleep


Following a strict bedtime schedule every night is very important because it actually helps curb your desire to snack, especially in the latter half of the evening.


5- Not eating enough food the next day


The idea of ​​binge eating one day and then restricting the diet the next is simply not working. It is best to maintain a consistent eating pattern and eat a healthy diet every day.