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A leader of the "Qasd militia" was killed by popular factions in the Syrian countryside of Deir Ezzor

A leader of the (SDF) militia was killed by popular factions in the town of Dhiban in Deir Ezzor countryside, and the Syrian "satellite" channel reported that today (Saturday).

Earlier, a popular car had targeted a car carrying two militants from the "Qasd militia", with automatic weapons, in a new area (Khat), east of the city of Raqqa, wounding them.

Throughout the past months, the regions of the Syrian Jazeera have been witnessing popular demonstrations, calling for the expulsion of the American forces and the militia (SDF), which has been persistently harassing the people, stealing their properties, besieging a number of villages and towns, arresting dozens of young men, targeting tribal sheikhs, and stealing the wealth of the Jazira region.