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Abdullah Al-Saeed's lawyer: We do not know anything about his fine of $ 2 million in favor of Al-Ahly

Ashraf Abdel Aziz, lawyer of Abdullah Al-Saeed, player of the first football team at Pyramids Club, commented on the decisions of the Settlement and Arbitration Committee announced by Al-Ahly club a short while ago to fine the player $ 2 million to Al-Ahly club, the value of the agreed penalty clause stipulated in the contract to sell the player from Al-Ahly club to Al-Ahly Jeddah Saudi Arabia due to Abdullah Al-Saeed violating the terms of the contract.

Abdullah's lawyer said in his statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, "We do not know anything about this ruling, and we did not receive any invitation to attend the settlement and disputes session. I contacted Abdullah Al-Saeed and he also informed me not to inform him of anything from the Settlement and Disputes Committee, whether through the club." Pyramids - or home. "

Ashraf Abdel Aziz added that he learned of the news of the player being fined $ 2 million through the media only, which was what Abdullah Al-Saeed was surprised and surprised by the decision circulating in the media without being informed of anything.

Abdullah Al-Saeed's lawyer indicated that in the event that a decision is formally received from the Settlement and Arbitration Committee, he will study it and return to its circumstances before submitting an appeal against the judgment, and taking all legal measures, especially since it is not a final decision.

The Al-Ahly club had assigned counselor Helmy Abdel Razek, "may God have mercy on him," the club's legal advisor, and in cooperation with the club's Judicial Committee, to take legal measures before the Settlement and Arbitration Center to preserve the club's rights in the aforementioned contract.

And he presented to the arbitration panel all the documents confirming the eligibility of the Al-Ahly club to obtain the value of the penalty clause stipulated in the contract.

Al-Ahly had filed an official complaint against the return of Abdullah Al-Saeed due to his transfer from Ahly Jeddah to Pyramids in January 2019 without Al-Ahly's approval, and Red Castle officials requested financial compensation for the value of the penalty clause in the contract, amounting to two million dollars.