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Brazil will host the 2021 Copa America instead of Argentina

CONMEBOL announced today, Monday, that Brazil has chosen to host the 2021 Copa America, hours after the Argentine exclusion was announced.

In a brief statement, the Confederation confirmed that the start and end date of the tournament and the dates and venues of the matches will be determined at a later time, which means that the tournament that was scheduled to be held on June 13th will be postponed.

In its statement, CONMEBOL said, "America's Cup 2021 will be held in Brazil! The start and end dates of the tournament have been confirmed, the venues and the match will be notified by CONMEBOL in the next few hours, the oldest national team tournament in the world that will excite the entire continent!"

In another statement: "Brazil will host CONMEBOL 2021 America! The best football in the world will bring joy and emotion to millions of South Americans. CONMEBOL thanks the president, his team as well as the Brazilian Football Confederation."

And the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) ruled out Argentina from hosting the Copa America, just 13 days before the start of the tournament.

And "CONMEBOL" issued a statement announcing the suspension of Argentina's hosting of the tournament in light of what it described as "current conditions", without specifying what these circumstances are.

Argentina is facing a big jump in the daily infection rate with the emerging corona virus "Covid-19", which reached its peak on May 27, during which more than 41 thousand new cases were recorded, bringing the total of Corona infections in the country so far to 3.7 million, including more than 77 thousand deaths. .

Argentina and Colombia were scheduled to host the tournament in a "joint organization", before Colombia was excluded on May 20 and the hosting was restricted to Argentina before being excluded hours earlier.

This will be the second time in a row that Brazil will host the Copa America after the 2019 edition, which was decided by the Samba team in their favor.

Brazil won every time it hosted the Copa America, it happened on five occasions.