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Delirium, agitation and agitation are new neurological symptoms of Corona ... Know the details

The new wave of the Coronavirus has raised a lot of concerns, there are also newer symptoms to be wary of besides a cough or fever, people fall prey to unusual and much more complex symptoms and neurological complications are now more common, according to a report by TIME NOW NEWS.

According to studies, the Corona virus and its mutations could have the ability to affect brain and nerve functions, in the short and long term.

Groups most at risk

Previous studies also indicated that neurological symptoms may also affect people with mild corona virus, who are not sick enough to be hospitalized. Here are some of the most common neurological symptoms and complications that Corona patients recorded in the days before their symptoms and symptoms appeared:

The new neurological symptoms of Corona

Loss of sense and taste: Not only can a weak and distorted sense of smell and taste be completely devastating, but remain one of the most confusing associations with Corona, while it was previously considered a symptom of the simple upper respiratory system, recent research has shown that these imbalances can also occur when it arrives The virus to the brain, for example, can cause disturbance between the olfactory senses and brain communication distorted or illusory smells, which makes recovered patients mostly smell bad or unpleasant odors that may not be present. Some go to describe these distorted smells as a way in which the brain is deceived. the body.

Brain fog and confusion: Studies have indicated that the Corona virus can have a significant effect on the brain and affect patients in the short and long term. Around the world they suffer from a form of brain fog and face memory and cognitive problems. Patients who particularly suffer from severe forms of corona could experience symptoms such as these. A high level of inflammatory cytokines present in the cerebrospinal fluid could be a possible cause for the same.

Delirium: An apparent change in a patient’s feeling, experiencing episodes of confusion, feeling sleepy or lethargic, or brushing with delirium are symptoms of a worsening of the infection. Experts also say another point of concern is that if the patient finds it difficult to perform tasks Simple, or speaking in a sentence without distraction, it needs immediate care.

Agitation and agitation: According to a new clinical analysis, more than 11% of Corona patients suffer from repeated episodes of anxiety, irritability and agitation during the days of the onset of symptoms.Those who already suffer from neurological diseases or are at risk of developing them may also have an increased risk of worsening symptoms, and they face Episodes such as psychosis and memory loss.

Fatigue, dizziness and headache: Extreme fatigue and exhaustion are now common complaints among Corona patients, as has been noted in depth, headache and muscle pain.

Earache and tinnitus: Imbalance and coordination are classic signs of neurological problems. Tinnitus, a newly talked symptom, which has been described as an annoying ringing noise in the ear, is another addition to it that can occur when there is widespread inflammation that can be overbearing. Coordination between the ear and the brain.