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Demonstrations in Berlin for the fourth day of solidarity with Palestine ... and the police seek the help of an interpreter to understand the chants

Demonstrators in solidarity with Palestine continued their marches in the German capital Berlin, where about 700 people gathered for a peaceful rally in support of the Palestinian people in front of Duisburg Central Station.


The demonstrators chanted in Arabic, "Palestine is free," while the police used translators to translate the Arabic chants. The demonstration was ended an hour after it was organized.


The demonstrators called on Germany and the European Union to condemn the violence, and indicated that this is a colonial occupation, and that an end must be put in place, and the European Union must condemn Israel for these war crimes, impose sanctions, and boycott Israeli products and companies.


On the other hand, supporters of the Palestinian cause organized a number of demonstrations protesting the violence of Israel, in London and Paris, and the police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the demonstrators.