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FIFA formally agrees to study holding the World Cup every two years

FIFA has agreed to study the proposal submitted by the Saudi Football Association to hold the FIFA World Cup for men and women every two years, instead of 4 years as is currently the case, during the 71st FIFA General Friday, which is held today by video, And with the approval of the majority of the members.

And 166 countries voted to approve the proposal of the Saudi Federation to study the feasibility of holding a World Cup for men and women every two years, while 22 countries rejected the proposal, after which FIFA officially approved the proposal.

It is expected that the International Federation of Football Association will discuss the proposal during the coming period, to make the final decision regarding the establishment of the tournament.

The FIFA World Cup is held every 4 years since the start of the first tournament in 1930 in Uruguay, and Brazil is the most crowned team with 5 titles.

Qatar will host the World Cup in November 2022 with the participation of 32 teams.