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Iraq: ISIS gangs try to use the occasions to carry out terrorist acts

Today, Friday, the Joint Operations Command in Iraq announced that it has prepared a security plan for the blessed Eid al-Fitr, indicating that its plans and methods will be changed in proportion to the size of the terrorist threat.

"The terrorist gangs of ISIS are trying to exploit religious and national events in order to carry out some terrorist acts, especially during the Eid period," said the spokesman for the joint operations, Major General Tahseen Al-Khafaji, in statements reported by Alsumaria News.

He added that the Joint Operations Command has prepared a special plan that includes changing its tactics, holding frequent meetings, identifying security breaches, and working in various fields, in addition to changing plans and making settings commensurate with the size of the threat, and the size of what the security forces do in terms of surveys, devices, equipment and the introduction of methods, ideas and operations Specifically against ISIS terrorist gangs and against anyone who tries to disturb the peace of security in the country.

He indicated that this plan will be implemented on all occasions, in addition to the existence of special measures to be taken during occasions, whether religious or national, stressing that the Joint Operations Command is renewing and activating its procedures, capabilities and plans, and preparing the necessary plans, capabilities and capabilities to preserve our people.