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Issam El-Hadary: The Sun Downs match is "easy and difficult" and Al-Ahly has the answer

Essam El Hadary, the goalkeeper legend, and the current goalkeeper coach of the Ceramica Cleopatra team, sent a message to the Al-Ahly players, before the Sun Downs, scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, in the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals this season.

Al-Hadari said in exclusive statements to the seventh day: "The result of the first-leg match is good, but it is not reassuring. The bet remains on the experience of Al-Ahly players. The team plays this version and is the title holder, and the players must be aware of that well."

And the goalkeeper known as the High Dam continued: "Tomorrow's match is easy and difficult at the same time, the competitor is strong and the result of the first-leg match is not bad in the way that worries the fans. Those who have the answer and seize the opportunity to qualify are the players themselves, with their experience and capabilities they can win the semi-final qualification and continue the journey."

El-Hadary wished that Al-Ahly would preserve its continental title this season, given that he was the only Egyptian candidate in the tournament after saying goodbye to Zamalek, saying: “We are talking about a title that is very close to the red team, which will be added to the Egyptian ball’s balance, as it will be added to the cupboards of the Al-Ahly tournaments.”

In a related context, the senior Al-Ahly team intensified their sessions with the team's players in the Red Genie camp in South Africa to motivate them to cross the Sun Dunes site, scheduled for the third Saturday afternoon, in the second leg of the 2021 African Champions League Final, and the Red Genie won with great difficulty in the first-leg match with two goals Clean, to set a foot in the semi-finals.

Mohamed El-Shennawy, Walid Suleiman, Ayman Ashraf and Saad Samir were keen to speak with their colleagues on the importance of overcoming the obstacle of the South African champion, as each of them spoke of the Al-Ahly character that everyone is accustomed to and presenting the good image that befits the name and history of the Al-Ahly club.