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Johnson: The Indian variable is causing "growing concern" amid fears of delayed exit from lockdown measures

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the coronavirus variant first detected in India is causing "growing concern" for the United Kingdom, amid concerns that it may affect the exit pathway from lockdown.

The British newspaper The Independent said in a report on its website today, Thursday, that the Prime Minister’s comment came before the meeting of the Emergency Scientific Advisory Group (SIG), which will discuss this issue.

Johnson added that although infections in England are now at their lowest levels since August, the new variants "pose a potentially fatal risk" to the country.

For his part, Paul Elliott, an epidemiologist at Imperial College, said in response to a question about the timetable in which the lockdown restrictions should be eased, "It is a difficult question because we have low levels of prevalence in society, and we have low levels of disease in hospitals and deaths so this is good." .

"But I think the changes in the Indian figure cause some concern," he added.

Meanwhile, India is still suffering from a devastating second wave of the virus, with 362,727 new COVID-19 cases and 4,120 deaths reported on Thursday.