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Libyan Prime Minister: "Reconstruction and stability" will be the theme of our country in the coming years

 The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, welcomed all the brothers of Libya, describing them as "partners in development, reconstruction and construction."

Dabaiba stressed - in his speech during the opening of the Libyan - Tunisian Forum and Exhibition in Tripoli today, Sunday, according to the Africa News Portal - that reconstruction and stability will be the title of Libya in the coming years.

Dabaiba said, "Yesterday, the headquarters of the exhibition was bombed with missiles from the sky, and today it has become a place for celebration, and life will return to the artery of Tripoli ... They asked us to postpone this event because the place is not ready, but we have decided to hold it in order to give a message to the world that Libya is ready to receive everyone."

Earlier in the day, the exhibition was inaugurated, which aims to consolidate the partnership between the economic actors in the two countries and work on crystallizing a common approach towards sub-Saharan Africa and for Tunisia and Libya to be a gateway to many countries in Europe, Asia and America interested in the African market.

Tunisian Radio "Diwan" stated that the exhibition is attended by 1,200 businessmen and economic institutions exhibitors, and its activities will continue until May 26, under the supervision of Tunisian Prime Minister Hisham El Mechichi and Libyan Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dabaiba.

The Libyan-Tunisian exhibition is an opportunity for economic actors from the two countries to re-center, increase exchanges and investments, and unify efforts towards Africa.