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Maaloul and Saad perform pre-qualification training in Al-Ahly's first training course in South Africa

The duo, Ali Maaloul and Saad Samir, players of Al-Ahly, performed qualifying training exercises on the sidelines of the Red Team training in South Africa, in preparation for facing Sun Downs next Saturday in the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-final, after they recovered from the injury they sustained in the last period.

Al-Ahly's technical staff included the duo, Ali Maaloul and Saad Samir, on the list of the red team that traveled to South Africa for the second leg against Sun Downs after the end of their qualifying program.

Ali Maaloul complained of an injury to the back muscle, while Saad Samir suffered from a connective muscle injury.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, head of the medical apparatus for the football first team at Al-Ahly club, said that Ali Maaloul, the team's player, will participate in group training gradually, starting tomorrow.

Abu Abla explained that "Maaloul" performed resonance rays before traveling from Cairo, which confirmed the complete healing of the injury site, and the coming period will witness the player's implementation of a new stage in his program through his participation in part of the group training.

The head of the medical staff indicated that the opportunity to participate in Maaloul in front of Sun Downs is difficult, while he will be available at the disposal and vision of the technical staff in the African Super Cup match against the Berkane Renaissance, scheduled to be held on May 28 in Qatar.

"Maaloul" had suffered a posterior muscle injury that kept him from participating in group exercises, and had implemented a treatment and rehabilitation program.

The technical staff was keen to include Maaloul on the team's list in South Africa, after being reassured of his condition, provided that he would be equipped to be with the team in the Borkan Renaissance match.