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Mohamed Salah is the most points-scoring player in the 2021 English League

Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, winger of Liverpool FC, is considered the most points-scoring player in the English Premier League this 2020/2021 season.

Although Mohamed Salah did not achieve the Premier League scorer award, "The Golden Boot", he was the player who scored the most points for his team, Liverpool in the league, as his goals were crucial and important in a team that was suffering from very difficult conditions.

Salah won 17 points for his team compared to Golden Boot scorer Harry Kane, who collected only 9 points for his team, and Salah scored 22 goals that contributed to 17 points for the Reds, while Kane scored 23 goals, which contributed to 9 points only for the Spurs.

For his part, the Egyptian Pharaoh Mohamed Salah, a professional with the ranks of the English club Liverpool, sent a message to the fans of the English team, after the end of the English Premier League season, today, and the Reds won the third place.

The Egyptian Pharaoh published a picture of him with his English team, through "Instagram" and wrote: "We have gone through a lot this season, the stadiums were empty, in addition to the obstacles we faced, which would have destroyed any other team, we came in third place, and we will not stop."

And in a wonderful gesture from our Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star congratulated his rival Harry Kane for the Golden Boot title, which he won today, beating the Pharaohs' star with one goal, after scoring a goal in the match that brought his team against Leicester City Club, to raise his balance in the league to 23 goals, A goal difference from the Egyptian pharaoh.

Kane wrote on the photo he posted on his Twitter account, in which he holds the Premier League scorer award, which he won for the third time in his sports career: "He is pleased to win this award. It cannot be achieved without the entire team and the staff throughout this season." Salah responded to this tweet through his Twitter account, in which he said: "Our congratulations ... well deservedly."