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Morocco: Thwarted an attempt to smuggle 4.3 tons of hashish through sea routes

Today, Friday, the competent Moroccan security authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle 4 tons and 300 kilograms of hashish through the sea routes.


A statement by the Moroccan General Directorate of Security stated that police officers thwarted the smuggling of drug shipments on the coastal strip in the city of Saidia, which were packed in 94 packages with a total weight of 4 tons and 300 kg of hashish, after the smugglers abandoned them when the police intervened.


The statement added that the competent authorities continue investigations and investigations into this case under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecution, in order to control all those involved in the activities of this criminal network, and to monitor all possible extensions at the local and international levels of this criminal activity.