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O West, one of the Orascom Development cities, is launching the first phase of Hillside Villas with a charming view

Samih Sawiris: The O West project strengthens Orascom's leading development position locally and globally and adds a new cornerstone to its successive successes around the world.


Omar Al-Hamamsi: An optimistic and ambitious expansion plan to increase sales and positive results in the first quarter of 2021

Tarek Kamel: We aim to present a new concept at the level of integrated cities in western Cairo, to become an exceptional footprint in the Egyptian real estate sector


O West - one of the Orascom Development Company cities - in 6th of October City announced the launch of the first phase of Hillside villas with a charming view to meet the increasing demand from customers for the units offered in the city, after real estate sales increased by 13.8% for the first quarter of the year, for the same period. From last year 2020.

This came during a major press conference held by Orascom Development in "O West", followed by an inspection tour inside the project to follow up on all construction and equipment work that the city is witnessing in the current period. Eng. Samih Sawiris, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Orascom Development Holding Company, Eng. Omar Al-Hamamsi, Managing Director and CEO of Orascom Development Holding Company, Mr. Tarek Kamel, CEO of O West, and a group of media professionals from various newspapers and media participated in the press conference. Local and regional.


The unique Hillside Villas are located in the Qemet district and include a variety of units from Prime, Horizon and Grand Villas to one-storey villa and the Mansion. And by living in one of the Hillside villas, you can enjoy all the amenities and luxury along with many picturesque nature, on top of which are the waterfronts, parks suitable for exercise, as well as the vast open green spaces.

Engineer Samih Sawiris, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Orascom Development Holding Company, said during the press conference: “The real estate sector is one of the most important sectors that have withstood during the crisis of the Corona pandemic and contributed to the acceleration of the Egyptian economy, and this is due to the pioneering role of the Egyptian government during the crisis by pumping large funds In various sectors, the most important of which are utilities, which protected the economy from a recession that would have led to a crisis that would make it impossible for individuals to purchase real estate or any other commodities, in addition to the fact that real estate is still considered a safe haven for investment. Scattered from the world, and that El Gouna and other projects in the seven countries have burdened our experiences as a city builder and real estate developer, and the summary of these experiences extended to O West, where the company has placed a total of experiences and visions in it, as it is a new city with more than 30 years of experience. We are all confident that this project will enhance our leading position locally and internationally It adds a new cornerstone to the company's successive successes around the world.

On his part, Eng. Omar Al-Hamamsi, CEO of Orascom Development Holding Company, said: “The construction works and infrastructure equipment in“ O West ”are taking place at a remarkable speed according to the highest and best international specifications, and that the company is currently implementing an optimistic and ambitious expansion plan to increase sales and continue to achieve results. Positive actions in 2021. "

Al-Hamamsi added, "O West's general plan has been designed to fulfill Orascom Development's philosophy of construction, which is based on establishing integrated cities that provide all life requirements from all technical, cultural, sports, tourism, educational, and health aspects, as cities around the world are evaluated accordingly." On its performance in improving welfare and its ability to attract individuals and institutions. "

He explained, "We have a real estate policy that depends on the quality of services provided to clients within its projects in Egypt, as is the case in the countries in which Orascom Development is located, and we have an optimistic and ambitious plan for the current fiscal year that focuses on increasing the sales volume of the O West project, and we have already started to reap The fruits of this strategy in the first quarter of this year.

On his part, Mr. Tarek Kamel, CEO of O West, said, “Today we are honored to launch the first phase of Hillside Villas in the pioneering O West project, which are unique and varied villas that include a wide range of units, from Prime, Horizon and Grand Villas to the one-story villa. One and Mansion, and we have taken care in designing the units to be the ideal destination for the whole family in addition to maintaining the distinction of each unit separately. Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes Hillside Villas is the waterfront or the waterfront, where the sea views, the ideal location and the vast green spaces.

Kamel added, "O West is distinguished by a privileged location in the heart of 6th of October, where the city is three minutes from Mall of Egypt, and five minutes from Juhayna Square and Arkan Plaza. The company has made sure that construction work continues at its highest rates, and so far, 406 villas have been built. Beginning next June, the construction of 185 apartments that were already sold during the last period will start, in addition to the start of building the five schools in the first quarter of 2021. It is expected that the schools will start working with the beginning of the school year in September 2022.

He added, "The final stages of the development of the master plan for the O West Club are currently underway, which will represent a tremendous addition to the project, as it is considered the largest social and sports club in the West Cairo area and covers 5% of the city as a whole, providing its subscribers with a wide range of distinguished services. Working on the commercial area and the hotels area to contribute all of this to the realization of our philosophy of introducing a new concept at the level of integrated cities in West Cairo to become an exceptional footprint in the Egyptian real estate sector. The different needs of customers In addition to negotiating with a number of entities and hospitals with strong marks and knowledge, we are also working to transform O West into a technical, sports and entertainment center, which contributes to attracting companies and the business sector, especially as it has the necessary capabilities of facilities, infrastructure, wide areas and a distinguished location that qualifies it To be one of the most integrated cities in West Cairo. "

The city of O West is distinguished by its large area of ​​nearly 1000 acres with a distinct urban design that creates a balance between construction and green spaces in addition to a special urban nature for each neighborhood. This is evident in the increase in the demand for purchase of residential units in the city in general, and in the Qemet district in particular, which was launched last February with a total stock of 7.5 billion Egyptian pounds. The company intends to add more units to the Qemet project during the second half of the current year 2021 to cope with the increasing demand rates.

It should be noted that Orascom Development Egypt is the largest subsidiary of the Orascom Development Holding Group, which is a leading developer of integrated projects around the world in Egypt, the UAE, Oman, Morocco, Montenegro, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The group operates 33 hotels with a capacity of 7,198 rooms, and owns about 101 million square meters of land. The company achieved unprecedented business results in the first quarter of 2021, as the total revenues increased significantly by 61.5% to reach 1.46 billion Egyptian pounds, despite the suspension of the tourism sector due to the spread of the Corona pandemic in addition to a 377.1 increase in net profits. % To reach 438.5 million Egyptian pounds compared to 91.9 million Egyptian pounds in the first quarter of 2020.