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Providing a decent life and the participation of the private sector in development efforts are the most important pillars of the 21/2022 Plan

Providing a decent life is one of the main pillars of the FY 21/2022 plan, in addition to the strict commitment to implementing the mandates and initiatives of the political leadership to provide a decent life for the Egyptian citizen, and aligning with the objectives of the national agenda to achieve sustainable development within the framework of "Egypt Vision 2030".


One of the main drivers of the next fiscal year’s plan is the private sector’s participation in development efforts (providing the required facilities and improving the business environment).


A recent report by the Ministry of Planning confirmed that the plan took into account the localization of projects and taking into account the directive of allocations to narrow the gaps between governorates, and the implementation of the Egyptian family development plan while controlling the rate of population growth and upgrading the characteristics of the population, in addition to rationalizing government spending and raising the efficiency of public investments (budgeting programs and performance), and giving priority For high-productivity sectors driving growth (manufacturing and telecommunications), while deepening national industry and promoting agriculture (expansion in irrigation, drainage and land reclamation projects), adopting the export orientation in agriculture, industry, tourism, financial and real estate activities, and rationalizing imports.


On the recent trends that have highlighted the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic, the report indicated that they are represented in the health sector, which includes developing and raising the efficiency of preventive medicine for virus diseases, improving entry levels for medical staff, and intensifying investments aimed at increasing the capacity of hospitals and treatment units, and public awareness of the danger of the spread of epidemics, And the importance of following a healthy diet and preventing disease.