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Saudi Islamic Affairs reopens 9 mosques after sterilizing them in 6 regions

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance reopened 9 mosques after they were temporarily evacuated and sterilized in 6 regions, bringing the total of what was sterilized and completed within 102 days of 1223 mosques, in the context of ensuring the safety of the worshipers.

This came in a report issued by the ministry, in which it clarified that the mosques that were sterilized as a precaution and reopened were two mosques in the Al-Baha region, the Asir region and the Jazan region, and one mosque each in the Riyadh region, the eastern region and the northern border region.

At the end of its daily statement, the Ministry indicated that these measures were taken in order to ensure the safety of the worshipers, in addition to the continuous cleaning and maintenance of all mosques.

The Ministry called on worshipers and mosque employees to adhere to the instructions for precautionary measures when they go to mosques, including wearing a muzzle, bringing their own carpet, and achieving physical distance for their safety.