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Stay tuned in technology companies for Facebook's decision on the return of Trump's account

Politicians, freedom of expression experts and activists around the world are watching today’s decision about the fate of former US President Donald Trump on Facebook, which also has implications for tech companies.

Today, Wednesday, a group of 19 attorneys, researchers and journalists from around the world will announce their final decision whether former US President Donald Trump's Facebook account will be restored or kept off the platform forever, a ruling that has enormous implications for US policy.

Politico magazine said that the so-called Facebook Supervisory Board has been deliberating on Trump's case since January, when he was banned from the podium after the January 6 siege of the Capitol building due to fears that it might incite more violence, and their decision may return the former president to one of the most powerful platforms. Or permanently banished him from the second social media platform after he was banned from Twitter.

While board members spoke about how they assessed Trump's comment, many Facebook oversight board members have a track record of contemplating contentious issues around freedom of expression on social media, and their backgrounds can provide a glimpse into how each has handled the Trump case.

In the same context, a spokesperson for the Board of Directors refused to comment on this story, but the group had previously indicated that the diversity of its opinions is the source of its strength, as the board tweeted in a previous tweet: “The oversight board has members with different backgrounds, experiences and characteristics, so that they can make fair decisions on issues. from all over the world"

According to the report, the Supervisory Board has some critics of Trump and some even suggested that he should be imprisoned for his role in storming the Capitol or that he is a fanatic and racist, but their views on freedom of expression on the Internet are much more complex, which means that they can still walk in any Two-way on Trump's comment.