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The Stock Exchange: 7.9 million shares, the volume of sales orders registered for Education Management Services share

The Egyptian Exchange announced that the total quantities of sale orders (initial quantity) registered in the private deals market on the shares of Taaleem for Management Services amounted to 7.9 million shares, within the framework of the stock price stabilization mechanism in the market following the implementation of the offering, which ended the specified period for recording sales orders today, Thursday. .


CI Capital for the Promotion and Coverage of Subscriptions in Securities, in its capacity as the Offering Manager for the Shares of Education for Management Services, announced that the period for calculating the stability of the share price ends at the end of working hours on Thursday corresponding to May 6, requiring shareholders (through the public offering only) willing to sell Deposit sales orders with the open sale system in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, taking into account the requirements contained in the Offering Prospectus regarding the provisions and mechanism for stabilizing the share price in the market after the offering, according to a disclosure to the stock exchange today.


And according to what was stipulated in the offering prospectus, the period of the stability calculation is 30 calendar days starting from the date of the first trading day on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and accordingly, the last date is entitled to shareholders (through public offering only) who wish to sell to deposit sales orders with the open sale system on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, The maximum number of shares allocated to each shareholder through the public offering is the end of the working hour on Thursday, corresponding to May 6, and after this date, sale orders may not be deposited or withdrawn, noting that the execution price will be the final offer price of 5.75 pounds.


The bulletin indicated that, after the current date of May 6, it is not permissible to request the issuing company or the account manager to purchase any of the shares even if the quantity to be sold does not exceed the entire amount of the account, due to the expiry of the stability account at the end of its period stipulated in the prospectus, and the settlement account shall be liquidated according to the prospectus.