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The Washington Post: UFO is a cause of US national security concern

The Washington Post said that the UFO phenomenon has recently turned in the United States from a joke to a national security concern.

The newspaper pointed out that last summer, the US Defense Department issued a statement on the establishment of a UFD task force, whose task would be to monitor, analyze and classify dishes that could pose a threat to the national security of the United States, according to the Pentagon.

Several months later, as part of the spending and relief package from the Corona epidemic for former President Donald Trump, the Senate Intelligence Committee, led by Democratic Senator Mark Warner, inserted a clause calling on the Director of National Intelligence to help prepare an unclassified report on everything government agencies know about the doctors of the unknown plane. Including the dozens of unusual sightings reported by military pilots.

At this time, former government officials were saying some important things. Late last year, former CIA director John Brennan said it was arrogant and arrogant about not to believe that there is no life form in other regions anywhere in the universe. The whole. "

And last month, a former CIA director also, James Wolsey, said in an interview with the Black Volt that collects unnatural scenes that he is no longer as skeptical as he was several years ago, but something surprising happens to a series of smart planes and pilots with Experience.

Both former CIA directors were referring to videos of Air Force and Navy pilots that appeared on the surface, showing inexplicable elements on the travel radar at unusual speeds and conducting aerial maneuvers that defy logic compared to even the known capabilities of more advanced military aircraft. A pilot says look at this thing he's spinning, another pilot shouts: Oh my God.