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The yellow fungus is a new, more dangerous infection striking India. Learn the symptoms

India is witnessing an unprecedented rise in cases of black fungi and also recently there have been cases of white fungi, both of which are caused by the spread of environmental mold and unsanitary conditions so far, and more than 8,000 cases have been reported in India and yet a new, more terrifying potential risk of fungus infection has emerged. Black or white which is a yellow fungus infection.

According to Indian reports on the Times of India website, the first case of yellow fungus was discovered in Ghaziabad and Uttar Pradesh, although there is not much available about this case, doctors have warned that yellow fungi can be more dangerous than black and white fungi.

Experts suggest that a yellow fungus infection, unlike other infections, can be more terrifying due to the way it affects internal body organs.

Unlike the other two types of infection, yellow fungus starts internally, causes leakage of pus, slow wound healing, and in severe cases, it can also cause devastating symptoms such as organ failure and acute necrosis, while it is still necessary for patients to seek help from the infection once they begin. Notice the symptoms.

Causes of infection with yellow fungus

It is important to know that most fungal infections of this type begin due to unsanitary conditions, poor hygiene, contaminated resources (including food), overuse of steroids or antibacterial drugs, or misuse of oxygen.

And patients who have comorbidities or who use immunosuppressive drugs are still at a higher risk of developing the infection.

Symptoms of yellow fungus infection

Black and white fungus infections can cause bothersome symptoms, which can lead to facial disfigurement and severe swelling.What makes yellow fungus worse is that it begins to spread throughout the body internally, and causes very different symptoms at first.

Some of the currently known symptoms of infection are:

Fungal infection begins to spread internally and overburdens vital organs, leaving the patient without energy. This can lead to symptoms such as severe lethargy, fatigue, and fatigue.

Poor appetite: The spread of fungal infection can also disrupt the digestive process. Patients can report symptoms such as loss of appetite and bad eating habits all of a sudden.

Weight loss and poor metabolism: Metabolic changes may also be a symptom to watch out for now as experts say that unusual weight loss could be a sign that a person needs a medical examination, especially if they are also showing similar symptoms to other fungal infections in the cycle. Bloody right now.

Eye deformity: Experts say serious cases of yellow fungus can also cause a patient to develop red eyes.

Methods for treating yellow fungus

Amphotericin B injection, which is an anti-fungal drug, is the only known treatment for fighting the infection.