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Uganda plans to deploy drones to combat poaching

 The Ugandan Wildlife Authority said, "Kampala obtained funding from the United Nations Development Program to purchase unmanned surveillance aircraft to manage some parts of nature reserves that are not routinely guarded by rangers, and to install cameras that would help identify hunters and intruders to these areas." .

In a statement published by local media today, the authority added that the Ugandan authorities began training a team of 28 experts in digital forensics last April, 8 of them from the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, to track illegal trade in wildlife and suspicious internet communications.

A report issued in 2020 on illicit financial flows in Africa indicated that Uganda loses between 7 billion and 23 billion dollars annually due to the illegal trade in wildlife .. Tourism is the largest source of foreign currency in Uganda, at about 1.6 billion dollars annually.

It is worth noting that illegal fishing incidents increased throughout Uganda in March 2020 when the country entered a complete lockdown due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), and although the Ugandan authorities did not yet clarify the extent of these losses, they said that this The type of accident has decreased dramatically since then.