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After the deer slaughtering crisis..Aleen died and was released in Baljurashi, Saudi Arabia due to stress

The National Center for the Development of Wildlife in the Kingdom revealed that with regard to the spread of video clips of the death of two Baljurashi deers four days after their release, the death was caused by the stress they were exposed to, and stress is one of the common causes of the death of some wild animals, and the center is currently working in cooperation with many The authorities, led by the Emirate of Al-Baha region, should address the negatives that followed the launch.

The center's statements came after the crisis that arose in Saudi Arabia due to the slaughter of some citizens of the Baljurashi region, hours after the decision to release it, and the Public Prosecution's decision to punish the perpetrators of the crime. According to Okaz.

The center explained that the main objectives of launching in national parks are to raise the level of public awareness and community participation in wildlife programs, and to raise the attractiveness of parks, in addition to the important role of linking reserves and areas of natural spread of wild animals through the safe corridors in which most of the national parks are located.

The center stated that it had previously launched in many national parks in different regions in the Kingdom, and achieved tangible successes, and the divorced animals adapted, and reproduced naturally, so that some parks in which the number of antelopes tripled within two years, and that some gaps appear in some The sites will not constitute an obstacle to the continuation of the program.

The center confirmed that it is currently working on re-evaluation to bridge the gaps and prepare for a new start with the solidarity of many parties, associations, those interested in the environment and citizens to achieve the goals on which the program was based, which fulfill the requirements of the Kingdom's vision and the Green Saudi Initiative to reach a prosperous and sustainable environment.

The center is also currently working on constructing a fence with appropriate special specifications within the Shukran Park to ensure the safety of the beasts, and to achieve the basic objectives for which it was launched in the park, and the center is working to transform this park into a starting point for the launch and resettlement programs in the Al Baha region.

The center thanked the citizens who participated in the launch process and cooperated with the center to reduce the negatives, and with whom and with whom the wildlife restoration program in the region will be successful.