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Al-Ahly’s results at the Esperance match stadium.. in Rades we have stories

Al-Ahly is preparing to meet Tunisia’s Esperance on June 19 in the first leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, which is a difficult confrontation for the red team, which wants to achieve a positive result before the return leg in Cairo on the 26th of the same month, on its way to the final match and won the tenth star in his career Continental.

The Rades stadium, which hosts the Al-Ahly and Al-Taraji match, holds many memories for the red fans, including happy and sad ones, and some of them were the reason for crowning the continental title or depriving them of crowning the title at some time, but happy memories remain more than their sad counterparts.

Al-Ahly played 11 matches at Rades Stadium, winning 6 and losing 5, and never tied there. Al-Ahly played 3 finals of the African Champions League at Rades Stadium, 2 of which were settled in favor of Sfaxien and Esperance, and the third lost against the Blood and Gold team.

Al-Ahly faced 3 Tunisian teams at the Rades stadium, namely, Sfaxien, Esperance, Al-Afriqi, and Etoile du Sahel, and won over Esperance and Sfaxien in two final matches, while losing to Esperance in a final match.

The results of Al-Ahly at Rades Stadium were:

Al-Ahly’s first match at the Rades stadium turned into a historical memory sung by the Al-Ahly fans, during which he succeeded in defeating the Tunisian Sfaxien, Bahf Mohamed Abu Trika, the killer, to be crowned with the precious continental title and return to Egypt after the end of the first leg in Cairo in a negative draw.

After that, Al-Ahly received 3 consecutive defeats at the Rades stadium, and their aggregate was against Esperance, as it fell in front of it in the group stage of the Champions League in 2007 and 2011, and also lost the semi-final match of the tournament in 2010, in the famous incident in the hands of the Esperance player Enramo.

Al-Ahly achieved a great victory over Esperance 2-1 and was crowned with the seventh African Champions League title in the tournament in 2012, and this victory was the beginning of a series of 4 consecutive victories for Al-Ahly over Esperance at Rades Stadium, as it defeated it in the group stage of the Confederation Cup in 2015 and in the quarter-finals CAF Champions League 2017 in the group stage of the Champions League in 2018.

Al-Ahly also achieved a penalty shootout victory over the African in Rades and qualified for the 8th round of the Confederation Cup in 2015, after the end of the home and away matches by winning 2-1.

The saying, “In Rades, we have stories,” that Al-Ahly fans began to sing before every match on the field, began to go in the opposite direction, as the team lost its last two matches on the field.

The first of them bears a bad memory for the fans, as the 2018 Champions League final second leg lost against Esperance with three goals without return to lose the title despite its victory in the first leg 3-1 in Cairo, and the team’s last second against Rades was against Etoile du Sahel in the 2020 edition of the group stage, and lost it with a goal without Reply.

Al-Ahly’s many victories at Rades Stadium invite Al-Ahly fans to be optimistic before the June 19 event, which prompted the red fans, to launch the saying, “In Rades, we have tales,” after witnessing the coronation of Al-Ahly twice on this stadium and winning it 6 times.