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ASHA: Two officers were martyred in the terrorist attack in northern Sabha, Libya

The Libyan Sebha Security Director, Brigadier-General Sanusi Saleh, confirmed that the terrorist incident that targeted the security personnel stationed at the Awlad Maziq junction gate at the northern entrance to the city was carried out by a "suicide bomber" who was riding a "tuktuk", who detonated it when he arrived at the security gate where the criminal investigation elements of the Directorate were stationed. at six o'clock yesterday evening.

Brigadier-General Al-Senussi Saleh said in a statement to the Libyan "Wasat Gate" regarding the terrorist attack, that the incident resulted in the death of two officers and the injury of four others.

He added that "this criminal act" was carried out by means of a car that was small in size and was carrying scrap metal with a high explosive material underneath, which the suicide bomber driving detonated upon his arrival at the gate, killing and wounding a number of security personnel who were stationed at the site of the accident while performing their work.

The suicide incident damaged a number of CID police cars that were stationed at the gate, according to a video recording and photos circulated on social media platforms.

The gate of the crisis, in which security personnel of the Criminal Investigation Department are stationed in the Sebha Security Directorate, is located at the northern entrance to the city on the agricultural road leading to Wadi Al-Shati and the capital, Tripoli.

In turn, the Ministry of Interior of the Libyan Government of National Unity condemned the "cowardly terrorist act that targeted policemen on the Sabha agricultural road near the junction of the Abnaa Maziq Gate."

The ministry stated that the Minister of Interior had instructed the Sebha Security Directorate and the Criminal Investigation Agency to initiate investigation procedures into the incident and to take samples from the crime scene, explaining that the Libyan ministry would follow up the investigation process to reveal the details of "this heinous criminal act that targeted the policemen by a cowardly terrorist group." .

And the Ministry of the Interior of the Libyan National Unity Government stressed that it “will strike with an iron fist everyone who has tempted himself to prejudice the security of the homeland and the citizens,” and that with the continuation of the search and investigation operations, it is still “to apprehend the criminals who were behind this act, prosecute them and hold them accountable for the heinous crime they have committed.”