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Beach volleyball team 1 defeats South Africa 2 in Tokyo Olympic qualifiers

The men's beach volleyball team won 1 against its South African counterpart 2/0 in the first day of the African continental qualifiers held in Morocco and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2021, to resort to a play-off match to decide the winner.

The deciding match comes in light of Egypt and South Africa tied 1-1 due to the loss of the men's beach volleyball team 2 to its South African counterpart 1 with a score of 2/0

Egypt's men's national team fell into a difficult group in the Beach Volleyball Continental Cup with the teams of Ghana, South Africa and Congo-Brazzaville, from which the first and second qualify for the finals of the tournament to be held in the Moroccan city of Agadir.


On the other hand, the defending women’s team, which qualified for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro tournament, was exempted from playing in the first round, as it had qualified for the finals by winning the qualifying session that was held in Entebbe, Uganda, before the tournament stopped due to the spread of the Corona epidemic, and therefore the Egyptian team with Mozambique qualified For the finals of the tournament, which includes 8 direct teams without playing in the preliminary round.


 15 teams are participating in the men's tournament after Cote d'Ivoire withdrew from the tournament due to the Corona conditions in the West African country, and it was divided into 4 groups as follows:


Group A: Morocco-Tunisia-Sudan

Group B: Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali

Group C: Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, Congo Brazzaville

Group D: Gambia, Rwanda, Togo, DR Congo

The first and second of each group advance to the quarter-finals, which is held by the knockout system


As for the women’s championship, 10 teams will participate, and after Egypt and Mozambique qualified directly for the finals, it was divided into two groups as follows:

Group A: Morocco - Rwanda - Gambia - Sudan

Group B: Nigeria, Kenya, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The top three teams from each group advance to the quarter-finals with Egypt and Mozambique

Each country is represented by two teams in the tournament, each team consists of one or two players. Egypt is represented in the men by Ahmed Metwally and Khaled Al-Fayoumi in the first team, Atef Adel and Ahmed Azab in the second team, and Ahmed Abdullah is coaching the two teams.

 Egypt is represented in the women's team, Farida Al-Asqalani and Doaa Al-Ghobashi in the first team, Randa Radwan and Nada Hussein in the second team, and Islam Okasha is coaching the team.