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Belarusian Airlines: European sanctions against us are an attempt to seize the air transport market

The head of the Aviation Directorate of the Belarusian Ministry of Transport, Artyom Sikorsky, announced that European sanctions against Belarusian Airlines "Bellavia" are an attempt to restrict the company and seize the air transport market.


"Despite all international documents, such unprofessional decisions are made on the basis of fake news," Sikorsky said, in a statement reported by the Russian news agency Sputnik on Saturday, noting that these sanctions are in fact attempts to seize the air transport market.


It is worth noting that the leaders of the European Union countries issued a statement on May 25 announcing the closure of airspace and airports for Belarusian airlines following the emergency landing of the Irish “Ryan Air” plane heading from the Greek capital, Athens, to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, in Minsk, as well as the emergency landing in Minsk. An opposition activist was on board.


The European Union also decided to impose sanctions on Belarusians, supposedly involved in the forced landing of a Ryanair flight, in addition to signing a package of economic sanctions against them.