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Biden ramps up pressure on Johnson to stick to Northern Ireland's Brexit clauses

The British newspaper, The Times, said that US President Joe Biden will increase pressure on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over Northern Ireland, and will warn him during their upcoming meeting before the G7 summit scheduled for this week, against retreating from Northern Ireland's provisions in the Brexit agreement.

The newspaper pointed out that Biden will use his meeting with Johnson before the meeting of the leaders of the seven countries in Cornwall, to express openly America's support for the Northern Ireland protocol.

 Biden is expected to tell Johnson, according to the newspaper, that the United States sees the agreement agreed to by the British Prime Minister in 2019 as an integral part of maintaining the long-term peace in Northern Ireland, especially the Good Friday Agreement in which America was a guarantor. He will also warn that the prospects for the US trade deal with Britain will be damaged if the situation remains unresolved.

 But the newspaper says that President Biden is expected to make clear to Brussels that he expects the European Union to stop being bureaucratic and adopt a more flexible approach to implementing the agreement.

 The protocol is designed to prevent Ireland's "hard borders" by keeping Northern Ireland within the European single market and customs union. This imposed new restrictions on trade between Britain and Northern Ireland, and angered union supporters who see it as a threat to the province's standing in the United Kingdom.

The Times quoted sources in London and Washington as saying that the US administration felt increasingly angry about this stalemate. Last week, the European Union accused Johnson of missing them and warned that Brussels was making plans to impose trade sanctions on Britain if progress was not made quickly on implementing the deal.

 Behind the scenes, Brussels diplomats believe Johnson may want a deliberate collapse of protocol under the pretext of opposition by union supporters and a threat to the Good Friday Agreement.