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Copa America .. Messi and Neymar threaten the number of the legend Pele

The Argentine captain, Lionel Messi, separates 4 goals from the equation of the number of the Brazilian legend Pele, the South American top scorer. A statistic revealed that Messi reached the 73rd goal in his career with the Argentine national team, and 4 goals separate him from the equivalent of the number of Brazilian legend Pele, who has 77 goals as the most goals scored players in the South American continent.

The Brazilian Neymar is also away from his legendary compatriot Pele by 9 goals, and the current Samba star has 68 goals in the Seleção shirt.

Legendary Pele played 91 matches for the Brazil national team, scored 77 goals, and is the top scorer in South America.

Argentine Lionel Messi played 147 games in the Tango shirt, scoring 73 goals and 51 assists.

Neymar da Silva wore the Brazil shirt in 108 matches, scoring 68 goals and 47 assists.

Lionel Messi leads the Argentina national team in the 2021 Copa America tournament, which is currently being held, and scored a goal.

Argentina leads the first group standings in the Copa America, with 7 points.

Neymar da Silva scored two goals with Brazil in the group stage of the Copa America, and Samba is at the top of the standings with 9 points.