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Euro 2020 .. The French delegation arrives in Bucharest in preparation for facing Switzerland

The French national football team arrived in the Romanian capital Bucharest this morning, Friday, in preparation for facing Switzerland, in the round of 16 matches of the European Football Championship "Euro 2020", which is scheduled for nine in the evening next Monday at Arena Nacional.

The account of the French national team on Twitter published pictures of the mission's arrival in the Romanian capital, and only commented on them with the word "Bucharest".

The French national team topped the table of Group F in the European Championship "Euro 2020", after the end of the third and final round matches of the group stage, after a 2-2 draw against its Portuguese counterpart, in the match that brought the two teams together last Wednesday evening, in the Hungarian capital Budapest. .

The French national team will meet in the round of 16 with its Swiss counterpart, next Monday, in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

The German team came second with 4 points, after an exciting 2-2 draw against Hungary, in the exciting match that brought the two teams together, at the Allianz Arena. Germany will face England in the round of 16 next Tuesday at Wembley Stadium. in the British capital.

Portugal, led by star Cristiano Ronaldo, is third in the group standings with 4 points, a difference from direct confrontations with the runner-up Germany, and will face Belgium in the final price next Sunday, while Hungary ranked fourth and last in the table of Group F with two points. He collected it with a draw with Germany and France, and officially bid farewell to the tournament.